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Humanity made a conscious decision to reject the Kingdom of Heaven, resulting in a division between the Spiritual World and the Physical World. It should be the ultimate aim of every individual to rediscover and navigate their way back to the Lost Kingdom of Heaven. We hope you find the right path through this book.

image of Lost and Found book by Gerald Hines
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About the Book

Lost and Found: Finding the Lost Kingdom of Heaven” offers a thoughtful exploration of humanity’s spiritual disconnect. Gerald’s personal journey, intensely recounted, illuminates the prevalent corruption and daily sins that have ensnared us. With firm faith, he reveals a path back to the Lord, sharing priceless insights to strengthen one’s connection to Christ. In a world sinking in chaos, this book stands as a beacon of hope and relief.

It signals readers to embark on a transformative journey, retelling us that everyone begins lost, but improvement is within reach. The Lost Kingdom awaits, promising limitless possibilities and endless rewards. Don’t miss this opportunity to rediscover your eternal purpose; let this book guide your everlasting quest.

Why Read it?

In a world blemished by chaos and moral ambiguity, the beacon of hope shines brightly within the verses of this book. Gerald retells us that the way back to Heaven is not indefinable or difficult; it is a journey filled with endless possibilities and infinite rewards. So, seize this opportunity, and let “Lost and Found: Finding the Lost Kingdom of Heaven” be your guiding light on the everlasting journey towards spiritual reawakening.

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